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Our Name

Wandering Eye?

Where did that name come from?

It all started several years ago actually. Back when I was flying by the seat of my pants and my mantra in life, was simply, "have camera, will travel . . . " I was definitely more a free spirit back then and my travels out of the country were more frequent than they are now. It was evident that after the first big trip that I took with a back-pack and my two best mates, that I was hooked not only on the concept of traveling and seeing the world, but more importantly, my mind became exposed to my shutterbug instincts that would quickly evolve and open the door to a world of photography. Thus was born the "wandering eye . . . " The traveler, the seeker, the wanderer and the concept of looking at life through the lens of a camera.

It's been a few years since that discovery, and I've walked many roads on the photography path, starting in fashion, then moving onto portrait and wedding photography. Over time, one thing has become very clear: I like to photograph people. It's really all about people. I love being around people, whether it’s hanging with my friends or meeting new people…I feed off of their energy, and they really do make the best subjects for photographs.



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