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Our Bio

The photography gods have smiled down upon me and have not only given me the gift of seeing the world through a camera lens, but most importantly have provided me with my partner, Rachel, who is not only my partner in the business, but also my partner in life. Her patience, devotion and true photographic talent has enabled wandering eye to slowly evolve into the success that it is today, which was ultimately a thought written down on paper a long time ago. Rachel and I live in downtown Toronto and we focus our work on urban photography. Concentrated on the art of wedding, portrait and documentary photography, we, along with the talented and incredibly artistic photographers, Rick O'brien, Ian Liwanig and Kuba Rekret, contribute to the sole purpose of capturing unequivocal moments in time and space.

When it comes to wedding photography, which is the bulk of our business, we take the simple approach of being ourselves. It comes down to really getting to know our clients and becoming familiar with their vibe, so that we can provide a service that is organic in nature. Most often we end up becoming friends with our clients and I guess we can attribute that to being like-minded and attracting the same type of people.

In the end, we believe in one simple rule: it's all about you, the wedding couple, the bride and groom. It's all about being there for you; before, during and after one of the most important days of your lives. We are simply there to document it with our style and approach, coupled with the needs of the wedding couple, to truly get the most out of you, your family and your friends at the wedding, without being intrusive. We like to capitalize on the time that we are given, but more importantly our main objective is to blend in with your family and guests, which definitely comes naturally. So natural in fact, that more often than not, most wedding guests ask us how long we have been friends with the bride and groom.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Please contact us to set up a personal appointment and to view an in-depth portfolio of recent work.

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