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Sabrina and Samir Nikkah

I was kind of gutted to have missed this event. My better half Rachel and our close friend and colleague, Rick O’brien captured this unique event of Sabrina and Samir’s Wedding Celebration at the very new Aga Khan Mosque in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The mosque and museum boasts unique architecture combining nuances of modern form […]

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SAMIRA AND ADNAN . . . in rememberance

Samira and Adnan are a special couple. Having been through the trials and tribulations of of a long standing relationship, now a long-distance relationship and enduring the hardships of studying for professional degrees for their education samira . . . getting excited! samira’s sister and besty, sara, also a sweetheart samira’s father admiring his daughter […]

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shonette and robin . . . 2 times a charm – PART ONE

shonette and robbie met with me on my birthday last year . . . it was a really great meeting, as we discussed their fantastic wedding plans, which would entail not one, but two weddings. celebrating two cultures, of shonette’s hindu heritage + robin’s background of being catholic, they (along with suggestion from their families […]

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shuti and arnav . . . a really dynamic and fun couple . . . both committed to their careers, loyal to their family and friends and always ready for a great party. most especially when’s it’s their own party, to celebrate their union of love, commitment to life.  rachel, myself and kuba had a […]

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aarthi and kristian celebrated their union and life partnership with a double wedding on a winter weekend recently.  friday was the indian ceremony . . . a great day of two cultures mixing and celebrating the bride and groom hosted by aarthi’s side . . . aarthi’s niece the headgear welcome . . . aarthi’s […]

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